Each morning, hundreds of kids are dropped off at our elementary schools and middle school. Strike Team dads volunteer their time each and every morning to improve safety conditions during the morning drop off.

The members of each chapter have identified concerns and have implemented plans to improve the morning experience for everyone.
The two primary goals are safety and efficiency.

Thurston has some unique challenges. First, there are two drop off periods. The “zero” period drop off period has an average of 145 cars per morning with no buses. The “first” period drop off has 8 buses, 3 mini buses and 100 cars. To make it worse, the parking lot is not designed to handle this level of traffic.

The “Team” and the administration have implemented a new plan that focuses on everyone working together – pulling forward – dropping off – moving on.

Besides being patient and staying in line, here are 5 things to remember:
1. BE READY – Backpacks in hand (not in trunk), move quickly, write notes and checks at home, not in line.
2. DRIVER WINDOW DOWN – So you can hear guidance.
3. NO PASSING – Unless instructed to do so.
4. NO EARLY UNLOADING – Don’t stop short to unload.
5. PULL FORWARD – As far as you can then unload quickly.

And, 5 things not to forget:
1. STUDENT SAFETY – Most important issue – focus.
2. BE EFFICIENT – Second most important issue – pay attention.
3. NO CELL PHONES – No talking, no texting – nothing.
4. PERIMETER TRAFFIC ONLY (2 LANES) – No left turns through parking areas – click on map below for more details.