Super Hike volunteers make a commitment to be at school during a specific time to accompany the students on their P.E. hike. The hike is always on a block day (Thursday/Friday) and usually takes place once a month. It is a fun and invigorating opportunity to spend time with the kids that is sure to be a good time and we are grateful for your desire to be a part of it.

Each hike is broken down by P.E. period so that you might be able to join the hike during your student or students’ class(es). Please know that you can sign up for more than one time or spot, but please be sure that you attend any and all spots you commit to.

We are utilizing SignUp.com to organize the necessary people needed for each hike. Because of the 20-1 ratio mandated for any off campus activity, it is critical that all parents who sign-up for a specific spot, actually attend or arrange for a substitute in their absence.

In addition, while the P.E. instructors are so very thankful for your participation and help, please remember that there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances (like weather or school business) that might cause a change in plans. Should a hike that you have signed up for be canceled, the P.E. department will utilize SignUp.com to cancel the event. SignUp.com will send out an email letting you know of the changes, but because that email might be delayed, I suggest that you login to SignUp.com (something made available to you once you sign up for any event utilizing the SignUp.com program), and check to be sure no changes have been made with your hike.


Signup for Super Hike

If you have any questions, please contact
Tracy Lineback

Super Hike Coordinator

Here are the times for Day Tripper volunteer times:
Thursday Hike Times:
0 Period:  7:30-8:35
1 Period:  8:30-10:20
3 Period:  11:10-12:50
5 Period:  1:25-3:05

Friday Hike Times:
2 Period:  9:05-10:50
4 Period:  11:05-12:45
6 Period:  1:25-3:05